Don Nice celebrated Earth Day every day through his art

Don Nice celebrated Earth Day every day through his art

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April 22, 2021

This Earth Day, the estate of Don Nice honors his legacy by issuing a special limited edition of his iconic trout image, on an elegant stainless steel bottle. For reuse and enjoyment, to help the earth. These bottles continue Nice’s practice of engagement with the public, illuminating concern for the environment through his art, and financially supporting environmental advocacy organizations with his work. “My intention in my art is to bring the public closer and I hope more empathetic towards our host planet.” Don Nice For more information about this project, please visit

Landscape Art & Virtual Travel.Highlights from the collection of the HRM and Art Bridges

Landscape Art & Virtual Travel.Highlights from the collection of the HRM and Art Bridges

August 28, 2020 - August 8, 2021

American landscape paintings have always been intertwined with explorations of the great outdoors. In the mid-nineteenth century, many artists meditated on the sublimity of nature, whether gazing at the Hudson River’s Palisades or embarking on a far-ranging tour. Landscape painters brought distant places into the homes of their patrons and, popularized in books and prints, landscape art inspired a growing middle class to travel to these destinations. Artists continue to bring the world to us and send us out on our own adventures to this day.

Details about the journey of Don Nice on the Hudson River in 1999 and show at the Hudson River Museum in 2000

Artists on Show

Alison Moritsugu, Cynthia Daignault, David Hockney,  Don Nice, Frohawk Two Feathers, Hudson River School, Hudson Valley, James McElhinney, Jermy Dennis, Jordan Matter, Marie Louise, Richard Mayhew, Thomas Cole, Thomas Moran

Pop Art

Pop Art

PopArt | Exhibition opening 22nd of January 2020


Galerie Barbara von Stechow is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a group exhibition of outstanding artists of PopArt.


We cordially invite you to the opening of PopArt
on Wednesday, the 22nd of January, from 6:30 p.m.

Duration of the exhibition: 23rd January -22nd February 2019

Galerie Barbara vonStechow

Feldbergstraße 28, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nassau County Museum of Art

Nassau County Museum of Art

Wild Kingdom: 100 Years of Animal Art - November 17 - March 3

For the sheer fun of it, nothing beats the theme of animals in art. This rip-roaring show assembles a circus parade of the wild and the woolly, from the big cats (lions, tigers, leopards and others) to the sheep and bunnies beloved by all (including the cats). The roll call of major talents represented in the show whose paintings, drawings, and sculpture have immortalized the wild kingdom includes many of the top dogs in art history, including Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, John James Audubon and Jeff Koons among many others (there are over a hundred works on view). As a special treat, a lavishly colorful installation by the world-renowned artist and designer Hunt Slonem will transform the elegant rooms of the mansion into a dream-like sanctuary for parrots, rabbits and butterflies, his signature motifs. This show within a show, titled Eden Never Ends, includes not just a dazzling array of paintings but an unforgettable installation of fabrics and extravagant furniture designed by Hunt Slonem, created expressly for this show. It is an Instagram opportunity not to be missed!

2018 Recipient of The Lee Krasner Award

2018 Recipient of The Lee Krasner Award

Don Nice - 2018 Recipient of The Lee Krasner Award in recognition of a lifetime of artistic achievement for his distinguished career. 

Art Miami New York

Art Miami New York

May 3-6th 2018

Pier 94

12th Avenue at 55th Street

New York New York 10019

Presented by Galerie Barbara von Stechow booth 102

Art Miami New York 2015 - logo

MAY 3 - 6 | 2018



Bivins Gallery

February 2 - April 17, 2018

Allan Stone Projects

"Two Views of Pop" Don Nice and Dorothy Grebenak February 23 - April 22, 2017