“I want to create a series of new works based on the earths dilemma.


It is my intention to create visual objects such as symbols, icons, signs to raise peoples consciousness about the present condition.


Many researcher can me called up and I have chosen the research and opinion of James Lovelock.  British philosopher who has written about the earths changes in a book called, The Ages of Gaia


After long studies from NASA and photographs, he came to the conclusion that the earth is a SELF REGULATING ORGANISM in space.


He observed that when one part of the earth was oxygen deprived, another part would produce the oxygen required to keep the balance.  When asked if he could prove the theory, he said NO, it was only a theory.


Recent world events, Tsunamis, fires, drought, floods, seem to give credit to his work.


Carbon Dioxide is changing our atmosphere world wide. The list goes on and on.  Dead coral, green slime, mud slides, fire, earthquakes, change in arctic air flow.  No wind to move heavy rain, the reality of rising water levels.


Coal is a problem, Methane is a problem, drilling in Alaska is a problem.


What can be done.  There are many groups working on the plight of plastic and emissions control.  Checking water for lead and other contaminants but it needs support.


Recycling is going on with paper. Take shopping bags, not plastic. Electric cars will make a huge difference.


My plan is to create an image that reflects a new resurgence in environment movement.” Don Nice